We offer climate controlled piano storage for as long as you need and piano crating for when you need to ship by air or sea.


With a warehouse of over 18,000 sq. ft., Santana Piano Movers provides a secure storage space that is adjacent to the main office and is monitored by cameras 24 hours a day. Two expansive areas are used to house a large quantity of units for manufacturers and dealers, while separate climate-controlled rooms are used to safeguard personal units for individual customers.

What We Store

All piano brands and models.

Pipe organs, other instruments, and furniture pieces are excluded.

Single to multiple pianos for individuals.

Low- and high-volume storage for dealers/manufacturer with convenient access from ports.

Ask about our commercial storage line of business.

We offer short- and long-term piano storage, with no minimum or maximum period.

Why We Store

 Safekeeping: For the time during your home remodel, property damage resolution, relocation, etc.

We can coordinate our storage service with your restoration contractor or insurance company.

 Service stop: For the time between our crating (for shipping) service and release.

 Point of transfer: For the time between arrival at our facility and the immediate delivery/release.

We can accept pianos from third parties for delivery and/or release pianos to third parties.

 Deferred delivery: For the amount of time you ask us to store between pick-up and delivery.

 Delivery constraint: For the time between pick-up and when we can reasonably accommodate delivery.

Done when same-day delivery is not possible due to distance/scheduling limitations.

Where We Store

 Storage is available in our fully insured Los Angeles area piano storage facility.

Our facility is climate-controlled at a temperature between 68-72 °F.

 You can rent or purchase our used equipment to store a grand piano elsewhere, even in your home; upright pianos don’t require any special equipment.

Option available only when we are providing your piano moving service.

For self storage of a grand piano, you can purchase new moving equipment from such places as New Haven Moving Equipment.

At minimum, you will need 1 skid board, 2 board straps, 3 moving pads, and 1 medium furniture rubber band.

How We Store

Upright pianos are padded and stored in their standard sitting position.

Grand pianos are padded, stored on their sides, and elevated 4-5” off the ground.

This is the standard storage placement for a grand piano.

Although crating is not required for storage, pianos can be crated upon request.

Scheduling Considerations

Submit an online Get a Quote request or call us with that information for pricing and availability.

We can pick up a piano if it is within our Areas Served, or you can arrange the drop-off by a third party.

If we provide the moving service, there is one fee to pick up and a separate fee to deliver.

There is only one moving fee when storage results from our delivery constraints.

If we do not provide the moving service, there is a handling-in fee to accept and a handling-out fee to release.

We provide complimentary storage in the following circumstances:

When a piano is stored less than 2 weeks
When the storage is a result of our inability to reasonably accommodate your requested delivery date.

Storage fees will begin to accrue if you are unable to accept delivery within our first two availabilities.

About 3rd Parties

Containers, semi-trucks, and other transportation vehicles have easy access to our loading area.

Appointment for drop-off and/or pick-up dates can be scheduled during our regular business hours.
Third-parties must call at least one day before the appointment date to arrange an arrival time.

Proper documentation must be submitted to our office before we release or receive a piano to/from a third party.

We will not release pianos to any third-party without customers’ written authorization.

All pending storage fees must be paid in full before the delivery/release of a piano.


Planning on shipping your piano overseas? International shippers usually require a piano to be crated prior to transport. Not all shippers provide this crating service, but Santana Piano Movers does. Conveniently located near LAX and the ports of L.A. and Long Beach, we can crate your piano in our facility and allow easy access for shippers’ ground transport to retrieve it.

Why We Crate

Pianos that travel by air or sea ordinarily require crating.

Local and even cross country moves via ground transport have no such requirement.

How We Crate

 We crate pianos using wooden pallet bases and a cardboard exterior.

We reuse suitable crating material from previously unboxed pianos.

We package pianos as they would be by manufacturers.

For hard shell piano cases, consider the services of Jan-Al Cases or a similar business.

A durable case can be considered if a piano will be regularly shipped by air or sea.

Where We Crate

Crating takes place in our L.A. area piano warehouse.

We can pick up your piano from within our Areas Served and deliver to our facility, or you can arrange a third party drop-off.

Our warehouse facility accommodates drop-offs and pick-ups.

Drop-off and pick-up appointments can be scheduled during our regular business hours.
Third-parties must call at least one day before the appointment to arrange an arrival time.
Containers, semi-trucks, and other transportation vehicles can access our loading area.
Proper documentation must be submitted to our office before we release or receive a piano.

Shippers’ ground transport should retrieve crated pianos from our storage facility for delivery to the port.

Shipping Considerations

Freight forwarding companies, such as American Worldwide Freight, can handle complete cargo transportation service.

Contact your shipper to inquire about crating regulations.

Shippers may have varying crating requirements that should be known prior to crating.